27th September 2001 Get-together at Elite Hotel, Juffair

Paulson was back and so were the others, after the Summer vacations. The turn-out was good. We had an Agenda for the first time! Although the timings had to be adjusted, yet we could complete almost all the activities except the Housie ( a bit of a disappointment). Membership fees was collected - most of the members have contributed until September. The Reccaa Silver Jubilee Students Welfare Fund - Bahrain Chapter's contribution is in full swing. The target amount will most likely be met by end of December-01.

The Sponsors this time were: Ravikumar, Sadanand, Radha Marar, Tej Bhasin & Ramesh. The Party and the Games were arranged and conducted by Shobha, Preetha & Manoj. The President, Dharmendra was the main anchor.

3rd June 2001 Get-together at Al-Sultana Ballroom, Gulf-Gate Hotel, Manama

The usual gusty and cheerful face of Paulson was missing! He has gone to Kerala for treatment, subsequent to the major heart attack he had a month back here in Bahrain. We wish him a speedy recovery back to his normal old self!

Nevertheless, this gathering was again marked by a sizable majority of the members making it a point to attend a Reccaa meet setting aside their other engagements. The sponsers of the event were our own members: Ranji Mathew, Ananda Sivan, Thomas CV, Vishwanath and Nicholas. Ananda Sivan made an unique gesture of bringing a surprise 'international' guest in the shape of Mr. Tetsuo Ushioda, Asst. Manager, of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Overseas Building Systems Group, Head Office, Tokyo - under which Elevators & Escalators function.

Tej Pratap Basin's parents were yet another of the rare guests who graced the occasion!

Highlights of the evening were:

The next Meet will probably be after the Summer Vacation in mid-September. SPONSORS have already been lined-up. They will be requested to reconfirm in due course before the Meet.

In the meantime, Reccaa'ites and family will meet at a private function - 5th Birthday party of Preetha's (& Manoj's) daughter MANISHA on 21st June 2001.

19th April 2001 Get-together at Royal Palms compound, Sanad

The members who attended the World Reccaa Meet in muscat were felicitated. They shared their experience with all the other members.

An important point that was raised was the starting of an ENDOWMENT FUND which will enable REC Calicut to sponsor one student of any Year, who, due to unforeseen financial difficulty may be at the point of discontinuing his/her studies. It was proposed that Reccaa Bahrain Chapter will strive to collect a minimum amount of BD 1350.00 (an equivalent of Rupees One Lakh Sixty Thousand - the figure which was given by the Principal at Muscat). This is in line with similar Funds which have already been contributed by other RECCAA organizations namely, Cochin and Muscat.

The President suggested that the sum to be collected was entirely voluntary - members may give any amount. The shortfall will be filled from outside sources. Further details to be discussed in the next Commitee meetings and to be presented again at the next Get-together on 3rd June.

World Meet-2001 at Muscat (4th - 6th April)

Delegates from Bahrain who ultimately could attend were Anthony, Rajan and Preetha (whose family also accompanied). The meet, well attended by members from Cochin, Calicut, Bombay, US and the Middle East, was a Grand Success! The current REC Principal, M.P.Chandrashekharan (MPC), Prof. Jussay, Prof. Shankara Narayananan & canteen contractor Vijayan were the special invitees who graced the occasion.

The Bahrain delegates brought back with them memories to be cherished for a long time to come. It was a kind of an eye-opener for Reccaa in other places of the world - proving what determination and confidence can achieve!

29th March 2001 Get-together at Palace Inn Hotel

We were slow starters this Year - the first meeting being at the end of the first quarter. There was a good response to the concept of it, but had some last minute cancellations by some of the members, which dampened the spirit. Yet, it was RECCAA party as usual when we got going.

New Commitee members were nominated as follows:

Dharmendra Kumar President
Preetha Manoj Secretary
Thomas CV Vice President
Ajit Tiwary Executive member
Ranji Mathew Executive member
Radha Marar Executive member

The 'business session' was highlighted, by the prospect of more members from Bahrain attending the World meet at Muscat. Committee conveyed to Reccaa-Muscat "All the Best" through the likely delegates Anthony, Rajan & Preetha.

The need of a Reccaa-Bahrain Website was stressed on.

It was decided that the membership fee of 1.0 BD per month for 2001 will be collected from all members only for the remaining 9 months. i.e. a total amount of 9.00 BD per member.